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Learn how to integrate Xero payments to your system.

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Connect to Xero

To connect your Xero account to Saledock, go to Settings > Marketplace Integrations. If you are already logged into Xero from a previous browser session you'll automatically be logged in. Otherwise enter your Xero credentials and grant Saledock permissions to connect the integration.

Mapping your accounts

Before mapping your Xero accounts to Saledock, you may need to create cash and card clearing accounts within Xero.

Important: When creating new accounts or mapping existing Xero accounts, ensure Enable payments to this account is selected for each account. Once the relevant accounts have been created you can map these accounts to the Saledock fields. Your accountant will be able to set these up on your behalf.

If you have connected your Xero account to Saledock, then added new clearing accounts within Xero, the new accounts may take a few minutes to be displayed. To trigger an instant sync, tap the button in the top right and select Refresh accounts.

First, select if you wish Saledock to sync to Xero after every transaction or only when the register is closed. Opting for the latter will make end of day reconciliation a quicker process. Next, map the following fields:

Accounts for sales

  • Product sales - sales account

  • Shipping sales - sales account

  • Gift card sales - liability account

  • Layby sales - liability account

  • Store credit sales - liability account

Accounts for payments

  • Cash - Clearing account

  • Card - Clearing account

  • Transaction fees - Expense account

Account for purchases

If you create purchase orders using Saledock, you have the option to sync these to Xero. Select Sync purchase orders to Xero? and the following options will be available:

  • Purchases - Cost of goods (COGS)

  • VAT rates - Match your VAT rates created in Saledock to your VAT rates on purchases created in Xero

Accounts for sales taxes

Match your VAT rates created in Saledock to your VAT rates on income created in Xero

Accounts for cash management

  • Cash discrepancies - Expense account

  • Cash in/out - Asset account

  • Cash float - Asset account

On account sales

For retailers offering on account sales to customers, enable the Invoice option as a Payment method from back office Settings.

When an on account sale is processed, a Xero invoice is automatically generated which is then emailed to the customer or printed. The Xero invoice includes a payment link so once the invoice has been paid, a paid status is synced back to Saledock, changing the order to complete and reducing the outstanding balance to zero.

Integration status

All fields can be mapped in advance before activating the integration. In the top right, tap Activate to enable the integration. The status of the Xero integration is shown in the top left. Tap Disconnect from Xero to disable the integration.

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